Why Chance The Rapper’s Grammy Win Is Important For Musicians

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Why Chance The Rapper’s Grammy win is important for musicians

I’d heard of Chance The Rapper, but I hadn’t paid enough attention. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I didn’t actually listen to his album Coloring Book until after he won three Grammy’s. Chance was nominated for seven, but ended up walking away with:

  • Best New Artist
  • Best Rap Album
  • Best Rap Performance

The crazy thing is that he achieved all this without a record label! When Coloring Book was released on Apple Music it was streamed over 57 million times in the first week. You couldn’t buy a copy but it debuted at Number 8 on the Billboard charts, making it the first release to chart based solely on streams.

It goes to show that you don’t need a record label to make it happen! Independent artists can write and record great music, put on great shows, and win Grammy’s all by themselves.

My favourite song from Coloring Book is ‘All Night’. Listen to the whole album on Chance The Rapper’s Soundcloud below:

You need to see this amazing Ed Sheeran cover!

You know when you’re aimlessly browsing Facebook and you find something awesome? We’ll that happened to me this week. Ed Sheeran’s new track ‘Shape Of You’ is currently one of my favourite tracks released recently and Walk Off The Earth do an amazing job of covering it using pipes, knives and forks and some cymbal acrobatics! I’m not going to spoil if for you. Check out the video below and see for yourself:

My new favourite guitarist

Mateus Asato has quickly become one of my all time favourite guitarists! I’ve been following him for a while on Instagram and have been blown away by his playing. This is one of my favourite clips he’s posted recently. He’s playing an acoustic, but make sure you also head along to his account and see what he can do with an electric guitar!

|| 天の目 ||

A post shared by Mateus Asato (@mateusasato) on

John Mayer’s ‘Wave 2’ is here

John Mayer is releasing his new album The Search For Everything in waves and the next one is here. I think I like Wave 2 better than the first one, but you’ll have to go, have a listen, and decide for yourself.

Adding a bass line

Projects - Week 2

This week we learn about what it means when we talk about the ‘bass’ in a track and pick up a few tips for writing a great bass line.

New Practice Sessions

Access Guitar

This week we added two brand new practice sessions for Guitar 1 Lesson 3. These ones will develop your rhythm skills, so grab your guitar and check out the videos!

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