Why You Need To Practice Rhythm Exercises

Happy Clappy Class Rhythm Exercises

Practicing rhythm exercises in Happy Clappy Class Every Friday morning during my first year of music at University, drummers, guitarists, singers, bassists, we all found ourselves crammed into the classroom in the bottom floor of the music office to spend an hour clapping rhythms with a metronome. The rhythms would be projected on the whiteboard and we’d work through sheet after … Read More

Why Musicians are Afraid to Count to Four

The Beatles Abbey Road

Counting is scary One of the funniest things I have noticed in my time teaching is that 90% of students struggle to count to four. Picture the scene, we’re half way through a lesson, the student is doing well, and we’re just about to look at some rhythm exercises to help develop our timing and coordination. “Okay,” I say,  “So I want you to … Read More