How To Cover A Song For A Winning Performance

‘I’m not really sure I like this...’ I listened to the song again. And again. It definitely intrigued me. 50 plays later I’d made up my mind. ‘Alright With Me’ by Wretch 32, featuring Anne-Marie, was a great track. Anne-Marie’s vocal performance had hooked me when I heard the track for the first time through the cheap speakers in my car. ... Read More

Why You Really Need To Practice Your Instrument

Girl Practicing Guitar

Music practice is not meant to be fun You can have fun, but practice isn’t designed for you to have fun. Practice is the process of getting closer to achieving your musical goals. When we practice, we take elements of our playing that we find difficult, and play them carefully until they are easy. Once what you are practicing becomes second nature, playing your … Read More

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Learn As A Musician

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Learn as a Musician

You probably know someone who has spent hours every day perfecting their chops, months learning every song off an album, years becoming a ‘pro’ player; they have definitely put in the work! But chances are that they learnt one thing early on in their musical career that allowed them to fast track their progress to become the rock star they … Read More