Why Musicians are Afraid to Count to Four

The Beatles Abbey Road

Counting is scary One of the funniest things I have noticed in my time teaching is that 90% of students struggle to count to four. Picture the scene, we’re half way through a lesson, the student is doing well, and we’re just about to look at some rhythm exercises to help develop our timing and coordination. “Okay,” I say,  “So I want you to … Read More

Seven Reasons Why You Should Do A Music Exam

Joe Satriani playing the guitar

Why you should do a music exam: Opportunity to practice performing Overcome stage fright Figure out exactly how good you are Develop good practice habits Achieve excellence on your instrument Get an internationally recognised qualification Develop a thorough range of skills I’m not going to lie, doing music exams can be an extremely nerve racking experience! When I sat my … Read More

Beginner Guitar Done Right

Learning to read the notes on a musical stave

What do you get when you’ve been teaching guitar for seven years and have more of an interest in music theory than your average musician? You get a music resource folder taking up 6.7GB on your hard drive full of chord charts, explanations, and examples. The crazy thing is, I still don’t really use any of it! Guitar 1 is … Read More