How To Write Songs With The Real Book

Gentle Rain Real Book Annotated

Have you ever tried writing a song, only to find yourself stuck up against the same boring old chord progression? Or tangled in a melody that doesn’t sound any more original than a nursery rhyme? Maybe you don’t know how to make the chords work together? Or perhaps you’re getting lost trying to figure out what notes you’re allowed to … Read More

Don’t Buy A Guitar Without Reading This First

Buying a new guitar is exciting! However, it can also be a little intimidating if you don’t know what you’re looking for. You’re spending a lot of money, there are so many options, and even when you’ve narrowed it down, what if you buy the wrong one? Here are a few things you should consider to make sure that the … Read More

Did You Know Songwriting Was This Simple?

People love to dance to a good pop song. Play them with their friends, or just have a good old-fashioned sing along. They are super catchy, and the good news is, they are super simple to write! Good songwriters steal Music is something you learn by doing. You could spend days learning all about why this chord works with that … Read More

Are You Forgetting To Develop Your Musical Ear?

Girl Listening to headphones

One of the most valuable things you can do as a musician is improve your aural skills with ear training. Spending time regularly developing your musical ear will fast track your skills as a musician and give you a whole new appreciation when you are listening to music as well. When I began learning music, I didn’t really do ear … Read More

5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Guitar

Electric Guitar Store

You’ve decided to learn guitar and booked yourself in for some lessons, and now you’re standing in the guitar shop trying to find your axe of choice. Acoustic or electric? Steel string or nylon? Floyd Rose or fixed bridge? $100 or $1000? What about that starter pack that has that little amp? There are so many options that buying a … Read More

5 Reasons Learning Music Helps You Enjoy Life

Heartbeat on a stave

Music is all around us Over the last decade, music has become a huge part of our lives. We hear it on TV, in movies, at the gym, when we’re shopping. I can’t even remember the last day that I didn’t listen to any music. Thanks to the internet, and with a little help from social networks, sites like Spotify, … Read More

How To Read Chord Progressions Like A Pro

Ed Sheeran Performing Live

Have you ever tried to learn a song and felt overwhelmed by the number of chords you had to remember? Have you ever wondered how your idols are able to play a whole show with no music and remember where every chord goes? Guess what, it’s easier than you think! How We Read Words Can you read this paragraph? Even … Read More

Why You Need To Practice Rhythm Exercises

Happy Clappy Class Rhythm Exercises

Practicing rhythm exercises in Happy Clappy Class Every Friday morning during my first year of music at University, drummers, guitarists, singers, bassists, we all found ourselves crammed into the classroom in the bottom floor of the music office to spend an hour clapping rhythms with a metronome. The rhythms would be projected on the whiteboard and we’d work through sheet after … Read More

Why You Really Need To Practice Your Instrument

Girl Practicing Guitar

Music practice is not meant to be fun You can have fun, but practice isn’t designed for you to have fun. Practice is the process of getting closer to achieving your musical goals. When we practice, we take elements of our playing that we find difficult, and play them carefully until they are easy. Once what you are practicing becomes second nature, playing your … Read More

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Learn As A Musician

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Learn as a Musician

You probably know someone who has spent hours every day perfecting their chops, months learning every song off an album, years becoming a ‘pro’ player; they have definitely put in the work! But chances are that they learnt one thing early on in their musical career that allowed them to fast track their progress to become the rock star they … Read More