Are you down with Marian Hill?

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Is it love at first sight? Apple introduced me to Marian Hill. I was watching one of their Airpods advertisements on YouTube and was immediately hooked by the song. Glitchy vocals, great melodies; I had to find this artist! 'Down' by Marian Hill was the track that caught my attention. It's the first track on the album and I think it's the ... Read More

Is Hamilton Hype???

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14 hours well spent I'd heard about Hamilton. I'd heard how it was one of the biggest new musicals on broadway. I'd heard how it had taken a topic that seemed extremely dry and boring, turning it into a story that kept you on the edge of your seat for the whole show. I was determined to find out everything I ... Read More

How To Easily Figure Out The Key Of A Song

Keys on a keyring
I tried the handle. The car was definitely locked. I glared through the window at the key in the ignition and rattled the other keys in my pocket. Why did I take my car in for a warrant today? I walked down the line of cars waiting to get checked and explained my predicament to the mechanic working next door. ... Read More

How To Cover A Song For A Winning Performance

‘I’m not really sure I like this...’ I listened to the song again. And again. It definitely intrigued me. 50 plays later I’d made up my mind. ‘Alright With Me’ by Wretch 32, featuring Anne-Marie, was a great track. Anne-Marie’s vocal performance had hooked me when I heard the track for the first time through the cheap speakers in my car. ... Read More

Are Group Music Lessons Holding You Back?

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When I hear of people signing up for group music lessons to promptly quit, I wonder: Were they were looking for the cheapest, easiest option. Maybe they wanted to ‘try it out’, before deciding to commit to ‘proper’ lessons. Both terrible ideas. When you sign up for group music lessons, you’re entrusting your passion to a tutor. You’re letting them direct your enthusiasm in the subject. … Read More

How To Read Chord Symbols In 3 Easy Steps

Crazy piano chords

What is a chord symbol? A chord symbol is a shorthand way of describing the notes that make up a chord. Chord symbols are often used for notating the harmony of lead sheets or chord charts online. They are useful because you don’t have to write every single note of every chord on a stave using traditional musical notation. It’s … Read More

How To Learn Music Theory 10 Times Faster

Why is music theory boring

When most people think of music theory, they imagine something dry and boring. Struggling to read the black dots on paper, learning how to draw a treble clef, wondering what a neapolitan sixth is and what on earth you’re meant to do with it. Eventually, most people give up. It’s more fun to grab your instrument and make some noise. … Read More