Adding Loops To Your Drums (Projects Term 1 Week 7)

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Adding loops to your drums

This term we are creating a 16-bar beat using music technology! By the end of the term, you should have a good understanding of how a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) works and feel confident that you have the skills to write your own music using a computer.

This week, we add loops to our drums to give them some more energy.

Lesson walkthrough

Introduction to Studio One

Check out this resource if you don’t have a DAW that you already like to use. This resource makes sure you’re up to speed with the basics of Studio One 3 Prime and teaches you some cool tricks to use when you’re producing your own beats.

I need your help!

We’ve got 10 weeks to make sure we all learn as much as we can about computer music. I’m going to do my bit and answer all your questions, but I need you to ask them!

Let me know how you found the lesson and what you’d like me answer for you. I’ll get back to you directly or answer your question next week in Projects!


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